Welcome to the RNA-eXpress home page.

RNA-eXpress was designed as a user friendly solution to extract and annotate biologically important transcripts from next generation RNA sequencing data. This approach complements existing gene annotation databases by ensuring all transcripts present in the sample are considered for further analysis.


The current stable release is available from the download section of this site. Comprehensive documentation, tutorials, test data and associated files and Java documentation and development information can be accessed in the documentation section. If you require further information or have specific questions there is an active community available to provide support in the forum.

If you post questions or answers in the forum please ensure you adhere to the forum guidelines and take the time to provide feedback on the quality of the answers provided. This will enable other users to identify the best solution most easily. Bug reports and feature requests can also be posted in the forum.

RNA-express was designed and developed at the Monash Institute of Medical research, Monash University, Australia. We welcome and encourage code contributions, ideas or suggestions. If you would like to contribute code, ideas or improvements please contact us through the forum or the contact us section of this site.